Facts about immigration attorneys

If you are considering the option of immigrating to USA then we believe EB5 visa is one of the best options out there. EB-5 visa refers to the kind which you are granted by the USA government on investing in one of the legalized cities or rural areas. There are obviously several benefits of green card but the catch here is that it is extremely difficult to get one which is why you may find a need of EB5 immigration lawyer. But before you go ahead and hire one, here are a few facts which you must know:

  • Always search up online first

It is very easy to be fooled or conned by someone who tricks you into thinking that they can get you through the visa processes when there’s hardly anything which they are capable of doing. This is why always look up online first as this would give you a clear idea of who is the best through the reviews and rating and it will also help you with knowing the right amount to pay and not be fooled.

  • Consultation services cost

This is a huge misconception which prevails around in the society that lawyers share and advice you for free. Well, some may do as a part of their services but others charge for it because this advice is very unique and specifically for you and probably also the advice which would take you through the whole process smoothly. So always be aware of the consultation fee to not be baffled later on.

  • Beware of the hidden fee

Yes people often get mistaken and confused about this so if you want to be sure that you are on the right path, then make sure you are having a proper conversation with your attorney and clearing off the charges and dues. This often comes as a very unpleasant surprise that we are sure you would want to avoid and know about beforehand at all costs.

  • Expect mistakes

Even the best EB 5 attorney is expected to make mistakes because after all they are humans. The good part about this is that they won’t repeat the mistakes if they are experienced. So always leave room for acceptable genuine mistakes.

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