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What is meant by cosmetic body plastic surgeries?

For those who don’t know, this is the type of cosmetic surgery in which the abnormalities of different parts of body are corrected or removed.

Types of Body plastic surgery

In order to remove the excess abdominal skin, a surgery is done which is known as abdominoplasty.

Lipomyosculpture technique:

The body shape of most of the women has changed after pregnancy and it is very difficult to get back an ideal figure .There is a technique known as Lipomyosculpture by which women can again maintain their figure. If you are living in UAE you can take appointment of cosmetic clinic in dubai.

Water jet liposuction surgery:

Many men and women have fatty bad looking thighs .By using water jet liposuction technique or surgery the fat cells from thighs can easily be removed out of body.

Breast- lift Surgery:

After pregnancy the shape of different organs of body is changed. So in order to get back the normal shape of body breast lift surgery has done in many countries.

Breast reconstruction surgery:

There are some diseases which changes the natural shape of breast such as breast cancer and severe weight loss. But with the help of breast reconstruction surgery women can again get their natural breast shape.

Shin contouring surgery:

The ideal figure is the desire of every single woman. In figure, like other parts legs play an important role and you can get your ideal shaped legs with the help of shin contouring surgery.

Lipofilling Technique:

It is the technique in which the fat from different parts of body is transferred from the area where the fat is in excessive amount to the desired area according to the demand of client. This treatment has some similar aspects as of botox treatment for face.

 Types of lipofilling surgery

Lipofilling of breast:

In this surgery size of breast is shaped according to the demand of client with the help of body fat from other parts of body. In most cases the size of breast is increased with the help of lipofilling surgery.

Lip filling of Gluteal region:

A perfect gluteal region is also a desire of every woman. So this desire is possible through lipofilling of gluteal region.

Postbariatric Surgery:

In this surgery the excessive fat of different parts of body is removed. The inner part of thighs can be tighten with the help of this surgery. Fat from shoulders and other part of body is also removed by this surgery

Types of Postbariatric Surgery:

  • Brachioplasty surgery
  • Femoroplasty surgery

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