How do braces work?

Braces are used to reshape teeth in the correct or perfect alignment by holding them together with wire like structure for a specified period of time. As the pressure is applied to the teeth bone, they slowly start to shift and change their shape. There are other things which braces help with but this is the main purpose that people opt for dental braces in Dubai.

There are a few key components of braces which help with the task. These are mentioned below:

  • The first and the most visible part of the braces are the teeth brackets which are attached to the front of each tooth along with arch wires that help in the movement of teeth. There are different options in wire ranging from stainless steel to tooth coloured wires – they are options for less visibility.
  • Next up is the orthodontic band which is cemented to the teeth to keep the brackets in place. As mentioned above, there are different options in them but only a few people opt for the cosmetically appealing ones as they are expensive than the usual ones.
  • For some people spacers are also necessary to fit between the teeth before the placement of orthodontic bands because it can create problems later on when teeth start to move but don’t find enough space to accommodate them self.
  • Other important part of the braces is the small rubber rings or fine wires which are placed at the back end of arch wire. Their main purpose is to secure the wire in its place so that it doesn’t move.
  • There is a need of some material or medium to hold wires to the brackets. This medium is the elastic rubber bands called ligatures – another very important part of the braces.
  • Springs are also present in there which is placed between brackets. Their main task is to help with the opening and closing of spaces between teeth for flexibility. 
  • In order to create room for teeth and correct bites facebow headgear is used which is a wire gadget used to move upper and lower molars back in the mouth.

Braces are a complicated matter which is why you must always consult with the best dentist in UAE as they can guide you along by making sure what is right for your teeth and what isn’t.

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