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Causes of depression

There are a lot of people who are now getting the victim of depression due to many reasons. There is no one definite reason for a person to get this illness because does not appear due to one cause. There will be a long history and series of incidents that make a person depressed and feel helpless. To get the cure they need to go to Dubai psychiatrist at the beginning of this disease to become act like a normal person again. There psychiatrists know several treatments for depression in Dubai and they apply the best treatment after listening to the problem of the patient. But it is necessary to know the cause because without knowing the cause it will be difficult to provide treatment. There are several causes which you need to know and you may get to know about it in the following lines:

Abuse: Most common cause is the abuse of any kind. Sometime people hurt others for their pleasure without knowing that the next person may get ill due to their bad behavior. Old students of an institute often do ragging with the new students for fun but sometimes it will become so abusive that the student will start thinking about taking their life. This ragging will make them feel worthless and due to the fear of being more ragged they commit suicide. This abuse can be physical or mental or emotional which make the victim feel worse.

Loss: Some people are not emotionally strong so when they get to know about the loss of their loved ones suddenly then they cannot bear the emotional pain and they become depressed. They think that their reason for being in this world is not fulfilled and they start thinking bad about them which will make them sick mentally. Sometimes mind of people will refrain from the fact that they will not be able to see their loved ones in future and it will mess up with all the working of their mind and they will develop severe mental illnesses.

Fights: Sometimes people will get into huge fights and if they fail to maintain their position in these fights then they will become sadist and start thinking themselves as useless person or on the other hand they will become envious and start thinking about taking the revenge which is bad.

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