Why should children be taught ballet?

Is A, B and C alone to turn children into better humans or we need other things and subjects to make them better humans? Can science and basic education nurture school going children into controllers and economists who know how to control the pace of the world while making it greener and a land of euphoria?

The answer is NO. Science and language are not enough to grow them and expand their minds. Science can tell them about friction, heart and ethanol but what about mental health, psychology, neuroscience, tolerance, life skills and understanding? Aren’t they important to learn? Aren’t they needed to live the life? Isn’t there needed a ground to express yourself via words and motion? 

Yes, they all are needed. It has been becoming important to tell children about ways to take care of your mind because the world is getting faster day by day, it is getting important to keep up with the speed of this globe which stress out brain the most!!!! The situations has worsened so much due to grasping so much information every-day that there is now need to have a place where a person express himself or herself to get minutes of relax. Ballet and dance classes for kids in Dubai and other parts of world can give them ways to flush out information from their mind gracefully which can make others to say WOW while giving them some time to relax. 

Besides relaxation, having dance and ballet classes in Dubai or any other country’s school teach them some-thing engaging and different. It will improve their muscles and bones which in turn can improve their brain because dance is not less than an exercise and exercise rewire brain in a positive way because science says that exercise produces happy hormones and happy hormones results in effective performance at cerebral hemisphere and hypothalamus. Ballet dance is not so easy. It takes time to learn and at a time, teacher teaches to tens and twenties of students which means interaction and communication skills can be improved as well and our life is nothing but a synonym of communication. 

Everything has some importance. Dance has importance too. If you want to paint souls of your children with lively colours or you want to keep their souls alive for life time, then teach them dance or ask your children’s school to include dance classes.

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