Challenges of Working as a Sales PersonGeneral 

Challenges of Working as a Sales Person

There are some jobs that take the life out of a person but at the end or the start of the next month when a person sees a salary coming in the bank, then we again, start loving that job. This is a human nature but there are some people who defy this nature and they actually love their job. Some say that such people stay happy because they get the best sales training in Dubai. According to the most well-settled people in Dubai, if you want to know all about the city, then you should work in sales, make links and then do a business or find a good job.

This is because there are many benefits of being a sales person and taking it as your first job because you gain a lot of experience, you make good connections, you know all about the cost of different products and much more. To get such knowledge, you can also enroll yourself in different short term courses in Dubai. If you have more than one certificate or diploma attached with your CV, you will have more chances of being selected for the job. Here, you will know the challenges that you will see when you are working as a sales person.

  1. The first issue is that there are people who don’t want to speak with the sales person and sometimes, it can become hard even to land in one day.
  2. The second issue happens when the company says that you will get a salary if you achieve a target and surviving just on commission don’t pay your bills if you are not good at sales.
  3. There are people who never become good at selling and who never develop a good way of communication no matter how hard they try and that can become frustrating for a sales person.
  4. The next issue is that this is not the job of a person who happens to be an introvert because this job requires you spread in the market. Well, there is digital sales person as well.
  5. The next issue with this job is the age limit, if you are of too much age then no one will hire you as a sales person because they cannot put your life on the risk.

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