Public Meeting at Harold Washington Library on August 24, 2011

The downtown public meeting for the Chicago Pedestrian Plan was held at the Harold Washington Library, and over 100 people attended this event. Adopting a “walking workshop” format, attendees were divided into groups and assigned a particular intersection downtown to observe and comment on pedestrian activity and infrastructure. Group leaders facilitated discussion on how the intersection might be improved, and passers-by were also asked to give their thoughts on the intersection. Groups then returned the Library and presented their intersection to one another, and our attendees came up with some great ideas. What we heard included:

  • Adding pedestrian countdown timers to traffic signals that do not currently have any
  • Slowing down traffic on fast downtown streets
  • Ensuring street signs are double-sided on one-way streets, so pedestrians walking both ways can easily see them
  • Installing streetscaping (such as trees and street furniture) that livens up the pedestrian environment